Centurion Apartment REIT Performance

Like the previous post comparing Skyline Apartment REIT performance to a publicly traded apartment REIT, the private Centurion Apartment REIT has also been compared to publicly traded investments.  A slide from a few years back shows the performance relative to the TSX.  The Centurion REIT and its related fund (Centurion Apartment Properties LP (CAPLP)) held its value through the market correction of 2008-2009.  That's the benefit of not being publicly traded.  There are a lot of footnotes to the presentation that you can find here (too small to read from my screen capture).

Yes, holding the TSX was like riding the Crazy Mouse at the Canadian National Exhibition over this period - just try keeping down your lunch on that roller coaster.  Holding Centurion Apartment REIT was like the old Alpine Way ride - coasting smoothly high above it all.

Centurion makes performance calculations readily available on their site.  The following charts the LP and REIT since March 2006 to December 2012.  It assumes dividends are reinvested - returns are actually slightly better in the REIT given that there is a DRIP discount not shown here.

The overall returns are summarized below - pretty strong numbers!