Put Management Fees Back in Your Pocket

While its best to hold products that have low management fees (TD eSeries funds, or equivalent ETFs).  If for some reason funds are your thing, you can actually have some of the management fee returned back to you.
Questrade has an exclusive trailer fee rebate that returns a portion of the management fee to you.  Its called the Mutual Fund MAXIMIZER and it rebates trailer fees to you whenever they exceed $29.95 per month, or about $360 per year.  So if your mutual fund is entitled to a rebate of 1% and you hold $36,00 in mutual funds you would just break even.  If your rebate is higher or your holdings are larger, then you start getting money back.

Expect to get back more on equity funds and less on bond or index funds.  Some rebates can be over 1.3% but that is on funds with higher fees to begin with.  Some examples: TD Global Dividend rebates 0.9% out of the 2.45% MER; TD Canadian Bond rebates 0.45% of the 1.11% MER; TD Canadian Index rebates 0.135% out of 0.33%.  The net effect is to put your fees closer to ETFs, but not quite.  Canadian equity index ETFs have MERs as low as 0.07% (Horizon's HXT), or 0.09% (Vanguard's VCE) to begin with, and you don;t have to pay the monthly Mutual Fund MAXIMIZER fee for it.

If you already have a large mutual fund portfolio that you are happy with and are not ready to make the switch to ETFs, then consider switching your holdings in kind to Questrade.  If you open a large new account ($100k) you may even be entitled to promotions like a free iPad mini.

Check out the rebate potential in Questrade's rebate calculator (note: it does not seem to account for the monthly fee you have to overcome before you start getting trailer fees back).