Be Green, Buy Local! So Say Apartment REIT CEOs

Private Apartment REIT CEOs shared their strategies for going green ... making money in Ontario's multi-residential property market that is.  Both see local opportunities going forward according to Property Biz Canada reports.

Greg Romundt, President and CEO of Centurion:

“I’m a big believer in local expertise and there have been enough opportunities for us to stay very busy in our own backyard. It is not to say that we are not interested in other parts of the country, it is just that we can do deals right in our own backyard. I didn’t see a lot of need for us to go elsewhere.”

Centurion Apartment REIT Markets

Most Centurion properties are in Ontario, centred around the GTA and the 400-series of highways surrounding the metropolitan area.

Jason Castellan, Co-founder and CCEO of Skyline Apartment REIT:

“There is still lots of real estate in Ontario, it is the highest concentration of multi-residential real estate (in the country), so we will continue. Why go beyond your own backyard when you don’t have to?”

Both private apartment REITs have recently achieved unit price gains and have steady distributions above 7%.  Those distributions were above 8 and 9% before the unit appreciation.  Centurion even offers a discount on units purchased through their DRIP plan, enhancing long term value.  Nice!

Buy Local!!!
Both REITs are RRSP eligible and  are great alternatives to low yield GICs, frothy corporate bonds, and certainly any fixed income mutual fund someone could push your way this RRSP season.  For registered accounts, both REITs can be held in a self-directed account such as from Olympia Trust.