Private REIT Benefits from Centurion Apartment REIT

Centurion presents some great graphs that drive home the value of investing in private REITs compared to the broader market or publicly traded REITs.  These are from the Centurion site and they really do speak for themselves.  The first chart shows the high volatility of the TSX TR (total return) and the TSX REIT index total return.

The second chart shows the steady growth of the private apartment property index.  Even through the crises that drove down the TSX and/or REIT indices (e.g., tech bubble, or 2008/2009 financial crisis), the apartment index marched onward an upward.  Too bad someone could not figure out a way to hold a few private apartment REITs in a fund to replicate this steady performance!

The bar chart below the second chart shows the total apartment return being positive over the past 27 years!  The few years with negative capital growth (4 years in total) are offset by the income.  With this track record, apartment investments give you as close to a guaranteed investment return as you could get.