Federal Budget Infrastructure Stock Picks

The 2013 budget's Economic Action Plan 2013 unveils a new Building Canada plan to build roads, bridges, subways, commuter rail and other public infrastructure.  This new Building Canada plan includes over $53 billion in new and existing funding for provincial, territorial and municipal infrastructure.

What companies will benefit from infrastructure investments like these?

Any companies that, through public sector contracts, access the Community Improvement Fund funding: $32.2 billion consisting of  Gas Tax Fund and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Rebate for Municipalities.  So anyone involved in the design and construction of roads, public transit, recreational facilities and other community infrastructure across Canada.

Similarly any companies who may access projects under the New Building Canada Fund funding: $14 billion to support of major economic infrastructure projects that have a national, regional and local significance.

Those are the big pots of money.  You will not find many major engineering design firms listed on the TSE .... and most have been bought up by the big guys listed in the US.  The Engineering New Record maintains lists of top (biggest) design and construction firms and firms in niche areas as well.

In Canada we of course think of SNC.  But on "major economic infrastructure projects" noted above, US and international partners are involved on the design and contruction as well at the long-term operation (P3).  As an example, The Windsor-Essex Parkway (Highway 401 extension to the third crossing from Windsor to Detriot) had local designers involved but the majority were under their US parents (Hatch, AMEC), Infrastructure Ontario's peer review was by URS, project direction was by Fluor, and financing was from a Spanish consortium.  So investors have too look broadly for their 'municipal' infrastructure exposure, or maybe consider other infrastructure plays in other sectors like energy that will not necessarily benefit from the new Canada Building Plan.