Tax Filing Deadline 2013 - 2012 Tax Year

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) 2012 personal income tax filing deadline is April 30, 2013, less than 4 weeks away.

The payment of any balance owing for 2012 personal income tax is due April 30, 2013.  This applies to all personal income tax filers including those who are self-employed.  Of course, interest and penalties may apply to amounts owing for late filing.

If you owe money but cannot pay - file anyway to reduce penalties.  If you expect a refund there is no real rush, however CRA states you may still want to file a return if any of the following situations apply:

1. You want to claim a refund.

2. You want to claim the WITB for 2012.

3. You want to apply for the GST/HST credit.

4. You want to begin or continue receiving Canada child tax benefit payments.

5. You have a non-capital loss in 2012 that you want to be able to apply in other years.

6 . You want to carry forward or transfer the unused part of your tuition, education, and textbook amounts.

7. You want to report income for which you could contribute to an RRSP in order to keep your RRSP deduction limit for future years up to date.

8. You want to carry forward the unused investment tax credit on expenditures you incurred during the current year.

9. You receive the guaranteed income supplement or allowance benefits under the old age security program.