Tax Slip Tracking with Online Broker - Interactive Brokers vs. Questrade

Maybe you have one of those Hermione Granger Time Turner trinkets that lets you go back in time and redo you tax returns painlessly over and over again.  I'm guessing you don't because you are reading and investment blog and could otherwise make your dough time travelling and picking lottery numbers instead of investing.  For you your time is money - and you get what you pay for when it comes to documentation and on-line brokers.  Here is an example of the difference between Questrade and Interactive Brokers when it comes to versions of your tax slips, T5s, T3s, etc.

Obviously it is important that you file your tax return with the most current slips.  Questrade's web site keeps you guessing as to whether a slip has been amended or not.  First of all, their client notice portion of MyQuestrade is full of generic notices and nothing specific to you to tell you than an amendment has been made to your slips.  Second of all, the listing of available slips in an account is inconsistent and not helpful.  You basically have to download, open and compare slips in the list to earlier slips to see if there are changes.    Below is an example - the captions in 2012 don't indicate if the slips is original or amended .. and yes 2011 slips were amended in August (ouch)!

MyQuestrade Tax Slip List .. good luck!

This year even some of the original slips had the amended "A" code on the slip report code (Box 16 on a T3), so good luck with CRA this year you masochistic Questrade clients!  Let's look at Interactive Brokers. First, they send email alerts when you have a new secure message on the site.  And they clearly sort and describe the versions of your tax slips.  Below is an example from the Interactive Broker's site.

Interactive Brokers - effective  tax slip version tracking.
Yes Questrade has 95 cent trades now ... you saved 4 cents!  We round off cents in Canada now so don't go pinching pennies with Questrade when the dollars and sense (cents) are in managing you time better.  Avoid Questrade if at all possible....that means more time for you to kick back and sip butter beer and pumpkin juice!