P3 Guaranteed Investment Return - Pizza Ponzi Pyramid !!!

See this guy for a scheme that doesn't work.
Where can you get a guaranteed 50% return on investment in one month.  Yes - one month with no risk.

It is possible if you consider P3 projects - no, not those old school Public Private Partnerships.  I mean Pizza Ponzi Pyramid schemes.  This is the best example I have found.  It's great for the pocket book but tough on the waistline.  Best of all, there are gluten free and Halal options in some markets.

See these guys for a tasty 50% return !
Feast your eyes on the tried and taste-tested analysis below.  You'll need a cash-back credit card, on internet connection for the online survey and an appetite since the questionnaire 'prize' is valid for thirty days.

The return is 50% on in investment and you could earn that in as little as a few days and in two visits if you are on your second or greater iteration of the scheme (and have the fee item in hand at the first visit).