Pizza Pizza Investor Smiles

Even the pizza is smiling !
Investors who put their dough into Pizza Pizza certainly have something to smile about.  The royalty corps (TSX:PZA) has risen over $1 a share to over $12 over this past month.

It has been a strong run over the past few years as well and up a not-too-crusty 20% since the last post recommending it here in January.  That capital growth is on top of the baked-in 6.2% dividend you get at today's price.

Recently the company announced a 4% increase to its monthly shareholder dividend (up from $0.0625 to $0.065 per share).  As an eligible Canadian dividend, that return is equivalent to interest earnings of over 8% after tax.  Investors looking for yield should consider this as part of a diversified income producing portfolio.