UFile 2013 Tax Software Now Available

I have had nothing but great experience with UFile software since 2005!  This year you can file 4 returns and 4 additional low-income returns for one low price of $19.99.

I picked it up at Stables last week, did a quick and easy install and imported last year's returns - zip, zip zip ... Now I already have a jump on preparing the 2013 returns!

The software does everything from the basics to fancy investing stuff like flow through limited partnerships!

Support has been outstanding in the past - you can email your return to UFile staff to review any issues and answer any questions.  Chances are you will not need that but it is nice to have this back-up.  While they do not offer tax planning advice they have certainly help you navigate any technical terms and show you how to get things done in the software.  This is the most value we get out of $19.99 every year.  Give it try! 

I guess I'm old school buying the CD (note: free software updates are made automatically throughout tax planning season).  Alternatively, you can keep your boots dry today and just download it directly from drtax.ca or use UFile Online.