Best RESP GIC Rates

If you want to earn a great GIC rate in an RESP then try one of the many institutions that sell GICs as term deposits at Questrade.  Here is a current list of what interest rate you can earn on 1 to 5 year deposits from the 'bonds bulletin'.

Institution1 year2 year3 year4 year5 year

B2B Bank
Bank of Nova Scotia Ag1.431.561.862.162.46
Equitable Bank1.41.811.952.22.5
HSBC Bank Canada Agt. S1.151.451.651.92.05
HSBC Mortgage Corp. Agt1.151.451.651.92.05
HSBC Trust Agent Servic1.151.451.651.92.05
Hollis Canadian Bank1.431.561.862.162.46
Home Trust Company1.651.852.12.352.6
ICICI Bank Canada1.31.511.822.082.37
MCAN Mortgage Corp.1.451.652.052.352.4
Manulife Bank1.461.651.952.32.6
Manulife Trust1.461.651.952.32.6
Montreal Trust Agt. Ser1.431.561.862.162.46
NatCan Trust Agent Ser.1.41.551.82.152.45
National Bank Agent Ser1.41.551.82.152.45
National Trust Agent S.1.431.561.862.162.46
Royal Bank-

These are annually compounding, non-redeemable deposits with interest payable at maturity. Annual compounding options with lower rates are also available.  Cashable after 30 day GICs with 1 year terms options are available from 6 institutions.

Orders are made over the phone with a $1000 minimum.  These are purchased just like bonds are, so you will be talking to the bond trading desk.

Shorter terms are also available.  Home Trust offers these best short term rates:

30 day deposit     1.25 %
60 day deposit     1.3 %
90 day deposit     1.35 %
120 day deposit   1.5 %
180 day deposit   1.6 %
270 day deposit   1.66 %