Papasan Pickles! BlackRock Strategic Portfolio Series - Funds of ETFs

Compared to Papasan Pickles, Couch Potatoes are motivated!
Are there any furniture and vegetable combinations that could describe investors in the BlackRock Strategic Portfolio Series Funds of ETFs?  We have "Couch Potato" already for those who want to assemble their own ETF investment portfolios and don't mind buying a handful of ETFs and balancing them from time to time (check out ).

Strategic Portfolio Series Funds investors are maybe "Papasan Pickles" .. its a deeper form of seating, making it harder to get off your behind to get up and make  a few trades. Like Papasan Pickles, Strategic Portfolio Series Funds investors don't have to do anything! 

The Fund seeks to provide its unitholders with a balance of long-term capital growth and income by investing in a diversified and balanced portfolio that is comprised of Canadian and global equity securities and, to a lesser extent, Canadian fixed income securities. The Fund will invest primarily in iShares® ETFs (or other mutual funds) that are managed by BlackRock Canada or an affiliate (the“underlying funds”), but may also invest directly in fixed income securities, equity securities, and cash or cash equivalents.

The BLACKROCK BALANCED PORTFOLIO for example holds these index ETFs to the right.

What do you pay for this bundle?  The Fund Fact sheets shows a management fee of 1.4%.  Compare that to a balanced Couch Potato portfolio.  That is a real ETF portfolio, not the April fool The Couch Potato Mutual Fund that has the same 1.4% MER.  The weighted MER of a Complete Couch Potato portfolio is 0.23% - saving you 1.17% a year, or 26% over a 20 year time horizon.

Pickles portfolios do come out ahead on calories, but that's it.

Couch Potato - 77 calories
Papasan Pickle - 8 calories

So do the math, haul your pickle out of that papasan and love your potato portfolio!