Best RESP Savings Interest Rate - Meridian Credit Union 2%

Aye laddie, Meridian has a
 Fergus Ont. office
I'm learning more about Meridian Credit Union going through some estate administration.  One thing that popped out was Meridian's nice RESP savings rate offered of 2%.  You could consider this as the fruit of your loins (your kids) approach university age and you transition into something safe to preserve capital and earn a little to counter inflation.

Meridian has branches across Ontario.  Being Ontario chartered, deposits are protected through The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO).  It insures Canadian currency deposits, including interest, to a maximum of $100,000  per customer.   Unlike CDIC which has an insured limit, deposits held in RSP, RIF, LIRA , LIF, RESP, and TFSA accounts are fully insured with no maximum amount.   Unique trust or joint accounts are insured separately from those in your own name, to a maximum of $100,000 per account.