ShareOwner ETF Portfolio Review

".. back every year that is, with trailer fees
to terminate your investment growth !"

"It's not a tumour ... its those sky-high
mutual fund fees giving you a headache."
Are you interested in having a robo-advisor manage your investments?  If so, you can escape high management fees in a low-cost ETF portfolio, created by the "robo-advisors" at ShareOwner.

What ShareOwner offers are model portfolios that even the laziest investors can appreciate.  Couch Potato investors have to pick their ETFs and balance/trade them every now and again.  If that is too much effort for you, ShareOwner has created 5 different model portfolios to meet the range of risk/return profiles of different investors. These include Aggressive Growth, Growth, Balanced, Conservative and Income portfolios with between 100% and 25% equity exposure.

MER and Fee Comparison for ETF and Mutual Fund portfolios
The best thing? ShareOwner does all the rebalancing for you and the fees are low, low, low - especially for a large account. ShareOwner fees are 0.5% on top of the ETF expenses (MER) as shown in the chart to the left.  But fees are capped at $40/month if you have $100,000 or more invested.  So if you invest $200,000, your fees drop in half percentage-wise.  For example, the Balanced Portfolio funds have a weighted MER of 0.27% (iShares, BMO, and Vanguard funds) - add $480/$200,000 for another 0.24% and you a paying 0.51% to be absolutely hands off in your index investing.  Let's face it - time is money.  Commission-free automatic DRIP is another time and cost saving feature.

So wake up all you papasan-pickle investors! Zero-effort ShareOwner portfolios may be for you.  Their investment products will give you what other balanced portfolios can (diversification, optimal asset allocation, automatic rebalancing)  but at a lower overall cost than some of the other core portfolio funds and ETF wraps reviewed before:

papasan pickle low fee portfolio review

..and cheaper than the BlackRock Strategic Portfolio series as well:

blackrock strategic portfolios review